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ZortechLEDGrow.com is a division of Zortech LED, an established Canadian company specializing in LED grow lights as well as commercial, industrial and residential lighting. We design complete lighting systems, provide leading edge hardware and complete installation.

We service what we sell! 

Zortech LED /Zortech Industries Inc. has been in businesses since 2003. We offer high tech services backed by employees with Electrical and Electronics Engineering degrees. Whether your project involves a small single unit or is a more complex undertaking, our flexibility and experience allows us to provide superior service.

Zortech LED is located in a heart of major agricultural area of Ontario, Canada and has long lasting historical connections to the local farmers.
We stand behind our products and guarantee the best service! 
Norfolk County is #1 for agricultural production.
Agricultural growth from last year is up 176% !!!

Norfolk County promotes itself as Ontario’s Garden and has every right to do so. Analysis of Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census of Agriculture confirms that our farmers are stars in the world of agriculture not only on the provincial stage, but the national one, too.

There are 1,860 farm operators working 1,307 farms in Norfolk County, with total land in crops of 196,403 acres. 

Zortech LED Grow is located in close to proximity to many of Ontario's Greenhouse operations 

Asked by several local operations for possible LED solutions to solve growing electrical costs. Zortech began research and testing on various LED Solutions.


After over 2 1/2 years of testing Zortech Industries has developed our owe product along with other proven LED solutions. 

Local growers have test our products and are realizing increased yields and reduce utility costs.