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GS46 LED Grow Strip
Grow Strip Light on Propogation Cart


GS 46-320/600/IHP

Customizable grow light solution. Ideal for use in vertical farming and propagation

·       Low strip profile and compact design is optimal for use in tight spaces.

·       Easy magnetic installation (Bracket or thermal tape is an option if mounted to non-                  magnetic surfaces)

·       Customized coverage area 

        Customized spectrum, several options available

·       Customized power output

·       Low heat output

·       IP 65

·       No fans

·       Low cooling costs

        Powered by regular or remote power supply (IHP), 347 V option is available.

Up to 3x the energy savings compared to the T5s, commonly used for propagation purposes!

2x36/46 W can replace 4 x 54 W T5's with almost a double light output. We tested all lights in our integrated sphere and can provide exact light output numbers and the spectrum for LED's vs T5's. 


 GS46-600  model can include up to 16/13 strips and comes with 110-277 V.

 GS46-320  model can include up to 8-6 strips (ideal for a propagation


Model:                                                                GS 46-320/600/IHP

Power:                                                               Up to 320/600 W/24kW

Single strip:                                                      46W 

Input Voltage:                                                   90-305 VAC (347V optional)

Single strip:                                                      24 VAC

Frequency range:                                             47-63 Hz

Spectrum:                                                         Full Spectrum White

Lumens:                                                            180 lm/w

Lifespan:                                                           >50,000 hours

Light Beam Angle:                                            120°

Case material:                                                  Aluminum

No Lenses

Strip Size:                                                         1200 x 37 x 18 mm

Strip Weight:                                                     844g per strip

Power Supply Weight including the box:

(mounted separately)                                       5.6kg

Power supply size with a custom box:           13”x 8” x 4.5”

Coverage area:                                                  Custom

Operating Temp:                                                -20C to +40C

Warranty:                                                           3 years

Please contact us or our partner CANNCAS for more information on the

Propagation Cart with the built-in ZORTECH LED grow strip option.

PAR measurements on the cart with 2 x 46 W grow

strips at 14" or 35 cm:

  • direct under the strip - 248 μmol/s

  • between two strips installed 8” apart- 277 μmol/s,

  • on the side of the cart, 6” away from the light

  • center 207 μmol/s

Spectrum Test Report
5000K Spectrum Test Report
Propogation Cart Dimensions


Specialists in LED Grow Lighting

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