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Configurable Intelligent High Power System  (IHP)

Innovative Modular and Scalable Power Solutions

  • Can be installed outside growing area so power dissipation does not affect environmental controls

  • High level of scalability – multiple racks per cabinets can scale up to megawatt levels (in 3 kW increments up to 12 kW in small rack or 24 kW in large rack)

  • Highly flexible input (180-528 Vac, single or 3-phase),  (600 v / 347 v will be available at the beginning of 2019) and outputs (12-1000 Vdc) allows high voltage distribution, saving copper wiring cost

  • Intelligent current and voltage source control (local or via Internet) eliminates the need for individual luminary drivers

  • Digitally controlled loop compensation eliminates bothersome flickering throughout entire operating range

  • Cloud-based GUI allows simple user customization of lighting profile dashboards.

IHP 1.jpg
IHP System
IHP 347 v layout.png
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