ZORTECH LED owns and operates a 1.5 metre Integrated Sphere (Photospectrocolorometer).


The integrated sphere allows us to test any light source from as small as a single LED to as large as a 4 foot long fixture. The sphere performs 13 separate tests including Lumens (Lm), Colour (K), Colour Rendering Index (CRI), RGB %, Lumens/watt, Color Spectrum Graph, etc.

Zortech is now equipped with a mobile testing option which is able to provide the same quality results as our in house sphere. 

Every light that we sell has been tested, and based on the test results, we are able to  provide our clients with lighting products tailored to their needs.


Light deterioration is a very common problem with HPS and Metal Halide lights especially. We can test your existing lights (third party included), to find out how they perform, and if they need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about technical aspects of grow lights or any LEDs, science of light (Light Spectrum, PPFD, light efficiency, etc.) and/or LED applications, we will provide you with knowledgeable advice, and a solution that would benefit you.  

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