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Greenhouse LED Grow Lighting

LED lighting is quickly growing in popularity as a lighting option in greenhouses as well as indoor grow operations. Energy efficient, long lasting, and minimal heat output, many greenhouse operations are choosing to replace High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and/or Metal Halide fixtures with LEDs.


MH & HPS lamps use a lot of energy, are toxic to our environment and produce excessive heat due to an excessive amount of infrared light which may impact the quality of your plant.


LED grow lights provide the necessary light spectrum that can be tailored to the specific growing needs of a particular plant, be it tulips, geraniums, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and more. In cooler, multi-season climates such as what we experience in Canada, LEDs allow greenhouse operations to produce crops year round by adjusting the fixture's light spectrum to mimic the light intensity and long growing days of the summer months.

At ZORTECH LED, we provide innovative and 
cutting edge LED lighting technology for greenhouses as well as for indoor/vertical farming operations. 


Based on our research, grow trial data and experience in the LED business, we've developed our own unique product for horticultural applications and vertical farming in particular. This unique solution is versatile and adjustable to growers' requirements. 




  • Full spectrum LEDs

  • Low profile

  • Magnetic mounting

  • Lightweight

  • Low heat

  • IP 65 rated

  • Dimmable

  • 3 year warranty

  • Adjustable power up to 644 W and more

  • Available in 110-277 V as well as 347V

  • Built-in or remote Power Supply (IHP) option.

Please refer to the product links above for full information on these products.





ZORTECH LED is also a distributor for major manufacturers. Our main advantage is our ability to provide consulting and maintenance services directly to our clients.  If you have a certain product in mind please ask us, as we work with many manufacturers across North America and internationally. We will advise you on product and provide you with a competitive quote. We will deal with duties, shipping and warranty claims, as well as maintenance and repairs. 

We can perform repairs to most makes and models, even if we aren't the original supplier. ZORTECH LED has certified electronic technologists on staff.  We also stock hundreds of power supplies and related hardware. ZORTECH LED can do circuit board level repairs and replace individual LEDs on-site at our service facility. Keep us in mind when your existing warranty runs out.





LED Grow Strip GS 36-46.jpg
LED Grow Strip GS 92.png
GSLT600 LED Grow Light Fixture


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