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LED Grow Strip GS 92.png

With our research and vast experience in LED technology, we have developed our own Grow Strip Light. GS 92 and GS 36/46 are available for retail/commercial and personal purchase.

At ZORTECH LED we are passionate about science and technology. We invest in the most advanced equipment and our in-house Integrating Sphere is a great example of this. We also have a mobile testing option available for interested clients who need on-site test results.
  • We research and test existing LED products at our facility 
  • We're continuously testing grow lights with vegetable and flower growers
  • Based on trial data, the requirements of our clients and our own research and experience, we have developed several in-house grow lights
  • In partnership with The University of Toronto, we've worked on a project developing more efficient cooling technology for LED heat sinks, as well as creating low-profile & lightweight grow fixtures. 
As a result of ongoing research and development of our greenhouse LED fixtures, our indoor/vertical farming/propagation LED strips and fixtures are now available. See our products page for more information.

We continue to test several models of supplemental grow lights in local greenhouses. The feedback is positive. As an example: just one of our less powerful lights at only 150w is showing comparable performance to 2 x 400w HPS lights. 

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