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ZORTECH LED specializes in LED technology for a variety of applications. We have extensive experience in LED fixture design, manufacturing and service. As a leader in the LED lighting industry, we also offer commercial, industrial and residential installation of our products.

With extensive research, ZORTECH LED has developed a line of LED grow lights suited for indoor and vertical farming operations. We've designed these based on client requirements, grow trial data and the latest technology in LED and associated power supplies. All of our products meet current industry requirements and standards. We provide one of the best light output warranties on the market, with the option of simple (magnetic) installation. Our lights produce low heat, using a "no fan necessary" design.

Our grow strips are adjustable in size as well as power, depending on client needs. We provide various power solutions including using remote power supply option (IHP system) with 110-277 V as well as 347 V option for our Canadian clients.

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In addition, we serve as a distributor for many large-scale manufacturers. Our main advantage is the ability to provide consulting and maintenance services to our clients. We work with well-known North American manufacturers of grow lights. We have the ability to minimize the consequences of any LED grow light failures, as we provide our clients with technical knowledge based on manufacturer data, as well as our own in-house assessments of a variety of manufacturer products. We are also able to complete on site maintenance and minor repairs and complete major warranty issues on our client's behalf directly with the manufacturer.

We are able to perform repairs to most makes and models, even if we don’t sell them. We stock a wide variety of lighting and power supplies that can ship to you quickly. ZORTECH LED technicians are also able to complete circuit board level repairs and replace individual LEDs at our service facility. Keep us in mind when your existing warranty runs out!

Electrically Approved

All of our products are electrically approved for use in North America

Several of our products are listed with The DesignLights Consortium 

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